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Priscilla Moody

March 18 is Trysomy 18 Awareness Day. Our family sent through the pain also, but from that came #BeAaronStrong. Please check it out. Strength through GRIT!

Genevieve Wilson

Lord, we humbly bow our heads to pause, pray, praise and repeat! We pray that you continue to cover the Smith family so that they may continue to be used by you as an example of faith. We praise you in advance for a complete healing! We continuously praise you because you are God!!! Amen!!

James Boothe

I hear you & see you. I've been in the same battle. The same arena. This time last year my wife & I were going through the same emotions & processes as we found out she was pregnant with our baby boy who had Trisomy 13. I know it's difficult to communicate all the questions, fears, and even hopes that come with such news. We chose to continue on with the pregnancy under the same convictions you shared, and with the same fears both for my wife's health and our son's survival as we barreled toward a diagnosis that wasn't hopeful in any way. I know it's different for everyone who faces challenges like this, and I hope & pray you don't have to enter any season of grieving. But if you do, remember that it's okay just to be yourself in the process. Whatever it needs to look like for you, let it be. My son, Ezekiel Promise, ultimately passed away about 10 minutes after being born alive. That was just under 7 months ago. I know you have no real reason to reach out to a stranger, but if you need the consolation of another husband & father who understands the seasons of processing through it, I'd be honored to walk that path with you in any way that helps. Thanks for sharing your story. It's encouraging to me to see someone like yourself able to share so personally on a very public forum. Men need other men to speak up & be real. All the best to you & your family.

Pedro Robalinho

I hope everything turns out fine, Torrey! We miss you in Baltimore.


I'll keep your family in my prayers, Torrey, and wish you guys nothing but health and happiness! On a slightly less important note...I'm looking forward to you and the rest of the 49ers proving all the haters wrong this coming season!

Lorie Ann Stout

All children are a blessing and God never makes mistakes. Your son is who he is meant to be! Rejoice in that, keep your faith, and the love for your son will overcome any difficulties you and your wife will face in the upcoming months and years ahead. Prayers are coming from your former team band Baltimore's Marching Ravens!

Gabi Serb

My son has Trisomy 9 mosaic, he is the love of my life, the love that I get from him can not be measured. I am allowed to be loved by God's  Angel. Carring a baby with Trisomy does not affect the mother's life, yes there could be complications during delivery and yes stress during pregnancy can affect things. Praying that you are blessed with a healthy child. March is Trisomy Awareness month.

Destiny Dykes

to experience the love of that child, even briefly, make it worth it. Life is never the wrong  choice.

Karin Lukas Buchanan

Prayers for you and your wonderful family and especially for your beautiful son to be.  You are loved in Baltimore and I believe the power of prayers can only help. 

Temka Hall

Prayer's for the both of you. I know the feeling. I went through that with my first child almost 19 year's ago. It is a hard situation to have to go through. That was my first child and I didn't understand what was going on. I was 16 at the time. I carried my son until I was 7 month's along and I lost him. That was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I am praying for you guy's.

Stephanie S. Smith

Torrey, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you guys are going through this.  I too went through this but unfortunately, our daughter did in fact have Trisomy 18 and passed away shortly after birth on January 8, 2012.  Thank you for sharing your story and bringing attention to T18.  It is so common yet so unheard of.  I'm praying of you, your wife, and precious little baby!

Kit Prate

In a time when you see so many "celebrities" doing so many foolish and selfish things, it is very heartening to see someone possessing real core strength and deep faith. As the mother of a child born with a congenital birth defect (also a son), I know how crippling and devastating this can be. I thank God everyday that he answered my prayers regarding my son who, with major surgery, survived and thrived and is still (after fifty years) going strong. I am praying for all of you, and especially for Kameron. God bless you all.

Susan Meadows

Just read your story God Bless you all and a quick note about Trisomy 18. Our 4th child was born with T-18 in 1978 very little was known or understood about it, but with love fight and the grace of God Billy lived a very full life at home with his parents and 6 other  siblings.  The Lord took him home last year with out suffering and we were all thankful and at peace. Keep that In mind as you move forward and God will always be walking with you on your journey. 

Rita Annette Wilson-Hess

Torrey, my prayers are sent up and much love sent your way for you and your family. 24 years ago I was told the same thing about my daughter at my ultrasound. I am in the medical field, so I knew exactly what the doctor was talking about. I knew, based on my faith, that I would carry my child and care for my child to the best of my abilities no matter what. Prayers were said, pretty much all over the world because of prayer chains. Back then it took 10 days to receive the results. It was a girl, which we had prayed for since we already had two boys, and yes she did have Trisomy ,but it was not 18. It was Trisomy 47 or Triple X as it is also referred to. Even after speaking with a geneticist and learning about the possible complications of this condition, my daughter was NOTHING like they expected. She was followed for almost 10 years through a study and I am proud and thankful to God and all who prayed to say that she is a BEAUTIFUL, NORMAL, and an Amazonian tall (LOL) lady just like her momma!! Keep the faith and keep praying! <3 God bless! <3 

Mary Wilson

Prayers for you and your family.  I have three Special needs kids, life is a challenge but I have special blessings.  I think all kids are special blessings, hang in there ask for help when you need it, and continue to pray.  You and your family are on our prayer list.

Jessica Rojakovick

Torrey -- I'm a Christian and a Niners fan, and I also happen to be pregnant with baby #3 for me and my husband.  I will be praying for you!  God loves you and has a plan for your family.  


Blessing to you and your family!!!

Continued prayers as you all go through this pregnancy and know that God has it covered!!!

R.L. Shawver

I am standing with you in prayer. My youngest son was born with two heart defects, and is now 17 months old. He's healthy and happy. We are not through with the battle, but we are past the worst as far as we can see. 

I am standing in agreement with you, that he live. If I may, I will pray that he is in perfect health as well. Good luck with the 49ers! :)

Kathryn Goldson-Gayle

3 years ago my husband and I were in a similar situation. Our daughter had a diaphragmatic hernia and a heart defect, often found in T13 or T18. It turned out to be a micro deletion on chromosome 8. Our little girl did not make it, but I thank God for her everyday. The experience was life changing. I learned a lot and hope to someday use my experience to help others.

Steve Harkins

Prayers going up for you, Chanel, and Kameron.  Remember, Torrey, that God will never give you more than you can handle.  Be strong, and trust in God.

James A. Makle Jr.

Chanel be strong, we are going though the same thing. We just got our test back last week at UMBC, our baby has Trisomy18. I felt like we where the only ones dealing with this, this week we have to make a decision on what to do.I pray everything works out great for your family , Doctors say that the next child we have has a 1% chance of having Trisomy 18.

Deborah Tisdale

Peace and Blessings to you, Chanel, Tj and the baby. Torrey I plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over you all asking God to grant the sufficiency of His GRACE that will enable you all to prosper in whatever this new LIFE holds in store. I ask that the Perfect Will of God be done in this situation and I join my faith wiith your's, Chanel's and other believer's who know that God is able to do EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL WE ASK OR THINK. Love you all to LIFE. From your STCF Family🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Nidia Chairez Heston

Hello, here is a website that might offer some support during this time.  And while turning to Google might cause more anxiety, you could also Google to find other sources of support :) 


Kimberly Walsh

Torrey both of you are a strong people and even more as a family....i will keep you❤ all in.my prayers...and i believe Kamron will be such a cool little brother love to you all.

I am happy to hear you received good news from the doctor Torrey. I pray your son is as healthy as your first son. As parents,  we often take child bearing, a healthy child, for granted. We just assume all is well. But obviously to many it isn't always a healthy outcome. Like you, I never heard of Trisomy 18. I am sure there are many birth defects or better word illnesses that are kept in the dark.  Your blog has caused awareness, maybe it's a sign to create a fund drive, or look into an available one. You have been blessed.

Ron Bo Stuart

One of the scariest reads I've taken in for a long time Torrey! Started out terrorizing, but ends with a lot of hope... Not only prayers, but also sending you, and you family every little bit of positive energy I can. It's going to be alright man... 

Viada Holmes

i know a God name Jesus who is more than able. Fix it Jesus fresh wind of anointing with healing and keeping power in Jesus name. Amen I believe it to be so. It's done in Jesus name Amen

Trina Harper

many prayers! I was scared with the trisomy 18 test and talk from my docs. My princess was born with many anomalies, but is a fighter. I will continue prayers and send all my hope and faith vibes your way

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏾🙌🏾 The both of y'all are two very strong individuals keep y'all head held high and continue to stay strong for y'all babies. Love you guy 💙


Praying for your family and for Kameron.  He is very lucky to have great parents like you and your wife.  I am the mother of two boys who have Autism and raising children with special needs is a charge from God that I treasure with all of my heart.  My husband and I went through 10 years of infertility and being able to just have children was a blessing in and of itself.    When God asks you to go out on that limb to be a special needs parent, it is very scary at first but then you tap into resources within you that you never knew existed.  You learn to be a great advocate for your child and find courage to fight red tape and systems that weren't designed for your children.  You pave a way through uncharted territory because you know that you child needs those special education resources, or drs., therapists, even to the point of taking all the money you have to hire an attorney and a professional advocate to help you fight the school system to get your child into the right school.   You don't take anything for granted and what seems like a small accomplishment for many are huge victories that we celebrate with thanksgiving and gratitude. You see life in a new way and just because it is a different life from what you iimagined, it doesn't mean it's less of a life, it just means a different life..  I am honored and blessed that God thought I could handle the responsibilities of having two children with special needs I will never give up fighting for them.    

Joyce Linsenmeyer

Prayers for your little baby and your family. I hope all goes well for you.

Maggie Smith

prayer for you and your family Torrey!!!

Robin Young Sullivan

Torrey and Chanel,  Keep the faith that is so strong in your family.So happy to hear that Kameron does not have Trisomy 18.  Prayers for all of you, especially Kameron.

Kathy Weekley

We had a grandson born June 8th, 2015 with Trisomy 18. Just like you, we had never heard of it before.......God let us borrow him for 65 minutes.....will be praying for your family. God Bless!

Donnetta Logan

Praying for the Smith Family that you all will continue to have the faith of a mustard seed, strength to endure, and continued trust in GOD that no matter what he makes no mistakes, amd does everything well.

Eric Grover

This was by a wide margin the best pro-athlete post I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Great thoughts, better plan of action. Do the best with whatever you are given.

I don't usually respond to social media. Usually it is destructive/sarcastic/foolish. We see eye to eye. God speed.

Betty Tate Thompson

God will Bless you Both.

Michele McDonald

God is watching over you

Joyce Mickley

God will bless you with what you and your wife can handle. You are loving parents and will be to your new arrival! 

Sue Sullens

Wish you the very best. Whatever the outcome your children are blessed to have such wonderful parents.  Miss you in Baltimore but hope you and your family have happiness wherever you go! 

Linda Hicks Beckman

Know God has it!!  Praying for peace!!  Keep the faith!!


I will be PRAYING Like a Raven, because I still love me some Torrey Smith and Family! I've loved watching You play since You were a Terp, TS. God's Blessings on You and all Your Family!

Robin Day Nikiel

Prayers for your sweet family Torrey.  We miss you in Baltimore!  Special prayers for little Kameron...my second son is Cameron (16 Yr old) too.  Stay strong and remember we care.  You are a great role model.

Julie Lynn

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.  Were praying for your baby. GOD bless you and your family.

Michelle Kennedy

Hi Torrey I don't know you but I hope this find you're and you're wife's eyes. Be STRONG continue to PRAY even in the most darkest of days. I know what you're going through my 7yr old son Aaron has A.D.D./O.D.D. ,Heart Murmur and Scoliosis that will require surgery and I have a 8yr old daughter Anecia that has Deppression and I'm a single mother. What has gotten me through is my faith in GOD and knowing that he DOESN'T MAKE ANY MISTAKES. Keep you're heads up and FIGHT. Much love to you're family and I will be praying for y'all.

Prayers are with you and your family Torrey. He will be a lucky baby, boy, teen, young man to have the family he has picked. God Bless.

Heather Cooke

Praying for your family!

Shari Whitwell

Absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.  I have so much respect for you and your little family! Prayers up!!

Brad Smith

I am a Trisomy 18 dad. My daughter Faith has T18. Our daughter has radically changed our lives in multiple ways. I have become a MUCH better man. Can it be difficult? Yes, but I wouldn't trade this experience because my family is so much stronger having walked this path. Keeping our Faith was not just the best choice, it was the only choice. Don't let anyone ever discourage you from choosing life. Life is the only choice that will sit well with your soul.  Check out our Faith.  https://m.facebook.com/keepingourfaithtoday/?tsid=0.7154617516789585&source=typeahead

Shawnda Sungren Tench

Praying for you all. It is the hardest thing we have been through as well. We had the same thing happen, results came back negative but the baby did have issues. Just about anything is easier to deal with than Trisomy 18. My little man is now 5, happy, healthy and we can get through what struggles lay ahead. Thank you for sharing. That was one of the hardest parts during that time...that we had no one to talk to who truly understood what we were going through. 

Dana Malloy

you and your wife have always been an inspiration to our community, to eachother, family, friends, even strangers. You do have to be a special kind of person to handle apecial needs. Whatever God throws at you, you turn it into a homerum. Your children are amazing no matter what....and why because they take after their amazing parents. What you wrote is an inspiration. You both are lucky to have one anothwr... nothing amazes me when it comes to you because you are one of a kind and together as a couple are unstoppable

 Prayers to you all 

Debra Flynn

our prayers are with you and your family. We miss you and the role model you have been for the youth here in Baltimore. The Lord bless you and keep you in His perfect peace the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Laura Jones

I'm so happy for y'all!!!! Your family will always be a part of ours no matter what. I have no doubt in my mind that Kam has the best parents he could have. Along with Tj being the best brother. I will continue to pray for LIFE!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Amanda Stack Hairfield

Thanks so much for sharing. Thoughts and prayers to your family. Losing a baby to trisomy 13 was the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. It makes you view a lot of things differently. You and your wife are awesome parents and will give your sweet boy everything he needs. Again thanks for sharing.

April Smith

My prayers go out to you and Chanel. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but I love the fact that you know to trust in God throughout this. He will bring you through this no matter what the outcome! Kameron & TJ could not have better parents! 

Love you all!! 💜💜

Anthony Grillo

Torrey our prayers are with you and your family. We had a trisomy 18 baby and it was the hardest thing we ever went through. He passed away in 2007. Now we are having a healthy baby boy that is coming on March 28th. If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out. 

Tina Johnson

Torrey & Chanel, I know exactly what you guys are going through, when I was 35 I had a amniocentesis because of my age and was told my baby boy had trisomy 18.  I was told I should terminate my pregnancy and because of my faith and only by strength provided by God, I chose not to terminate.  I spent the next 5 months talking to my little guy until one day I didn't feel him kick back.  I kept a journal written to him and writing down everything I could so I could recall every moment of his existence here in this world.

I will be praying for your family and if you ever need to talk to someone who has felt your pain, I would be honored to share.  God bless your family!  

Laura Cline Hunovice

Sending prayers up for strength, courage, and understanding for the whole family! 

Joan Hajek

God Bless you......Will be keeping you all in my prayers.  Kameron already has champions on his side with parents like you and Chanel.  Your faith and strength will see you through your road ahead.  Will be praying that all will be just fine.  Stay strong in your faith as this could be a test.  Hugs to you from Ellicott City!


You may or may not have known that today is International Rare Diseases Day so your post is very timely. Thank you for sharing something so personal. My daughter has one of those rare diseases, Turner's Syndrome, that you only hear about when your child is diagnosed. Continue to lean on God and you will receive the strength you and your wife need.

Stacey D Robinson

We love you Torrey. Just remember that God has got your family back.

Candy Dietzway

You are such a special family already - you will be strong and deal with whatever special situation awaits.  Prayers for your new little blessing!!

Candy Dietzway

you are 

Ashley Hendrix

My fiancé Corey and I are praying you two stay strong through this journey! Baby Kameron is going to be just fine! 

Monesha Woods

God has the situation taken care of already! Praying for baby Kam!

Sarena Byrd

May The Lord Strenghth You And Torrey Smith And Your Hole Family At aThis Time For Your Unborn Baby Let The Test Come Out Normal God Has Yall Back!!

Laurie Schulman

God Bless you and your wife for realizing that if a challenge is there it is not the worst outcome.As a special needs parents as I am we see life differently but we have many blessings each day. The unconditional love and simple life she thrives on is all I need to be happy for her. I pray that whatever God has planned you continue to realize the blessing of every child. Your inspiration will be of value to many as always.

Barbara Lee Jackson

God Bless You, Chanel, T.J. and Kameron God has got all of your concerns continue to have faith in him he will

bring you guys through. 

Charisse Alston

Torrey and Chanel, l am praying for you. I know God will give you strength to face whatever lies ahead.  If you have a minute listen to "Determined" by Patrick Lundy, it may minister to your spirits.  No matter what, you Baltimore Ravens family loves you and will always be here to support your family.  You are family.  

Racquel Smith

God bless you, Chanel, T.J. And Kameron!  God has control and it will all work to His Glory!  Just keep praying as I pray with you and for you!  Much love to you all!  So glad you are home!

Christopher Fischer

We had a very similar experience in 2013 with our daughter, Julia.  She was very small and her mom's fluid levels were very high.  It was determined through ultra sounds that the baby's stomach was not filling with fluid, which meant there was an obstruction.  She was diagnosed with Esophageal Atresia (her esophagus was not connected to her stomach) .. it was very difficult because she also has many MANY other problems besides her initial diagnosis but her DNA testing came back with no abnormalities, and after three years we still have no idea exactly what caused her current conditions.  Every time i look into her eyes I'm so grateful for her.  Reminds me of a Garth Brooks song lyrics "i'm glad i didn't know, the way it all would end, the way it all would go. It's our life, and it's better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance".  If we would have known how hard it was going to be, we may have made a different choice, and i'm glad we didn't, she smiles and laughs and is so happy to be here.  a short video we made to describe our experience:  https://youtu.be/ivvZGr2H_vk

Robin Hill

God bless you, your wife, TJ, and this new little one, Torrey.  I will keep you all in my prayers that God's love lift you all and that he safely deliver your little son to you and that his problems are few and treatable.

Cathy Ibbs Leslie

We went through this same experience 9 years ago with my daughter.  Waiting for the test results and contemplating what to do if she did have Trisomy 18 were the hardest days.  It puts into play questions you never think about having to answer.  We too had the same outcome...that our Sara did not have Trisomy 18.  She is now a thriving, healthy four grader.  My wish for the Smith Family is for the same outcome a beautiful life and a healthy baby.  Prayers Up for Kameron!

Yvette Collison

Sending prayers to you and your family for the strength to handle whatever comes your way!

Daury Kalinski

Sending prayers that God will lay his healing hands over your precious baby & family !

Kay Lynn Staudt

Prayers for your family and your little one...

Kimberly Sales McCain

praying for you and your family! Just remember God creates miracles💙💙💙

Wayne M. Shorter

Prayers going up for you and your family. Stay strong and God will do the rest!

Gregg Owens

Dear Torrey,

I have admired you as a player but I admire you more as a man. I hope that all will be well with you and your beautiful family.  We will all be keeping the faith along with you!

Debra A Pearlman

you should contact Dr. Fatemi at Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. KKI is the leading expert on childhood genetics and well worth a phone call. Prayers that all will be healthy.

Maryalice Hopkins

As an Ob nurse, I am continually amazed by the strength new parents show, for any outcome with their children. Many see it as God' s will and face their struggles with unbelievable strength and courage.A child is a gift.. I admire you for giving your child a chance at life.sending prayers and looking forward to hearing about beautiful Kameron when he makes his appearance!

Stephanie Betterson

Hang in there, Madisyn is living proof that prayer works!  Just as you guy's uplifted us, we shall do the same for you.  We are all God's children and created in his perfection.  #teamtorrey #teammaddy

Kathy Miller

Sending positive thoughts, energy, hugs and love to you and your beautiful little family. As the grandmother of an "extra special" child (my term since I believe all children are special) I can tell you they are beautiful blessings. Luckily this child has been chosen for you and your wife and will be loved and cherished no matter what. Can't wait to see pics when he makes his arrival, congrats!!! 

PS - you'll always be a Raven in my heart!!

Malika Joyner

The Creator is working for your good. He will be the next great.....a genius...healthy and strong. Family stay focused on your faith, feeding your bundle of joy all the postive, holistic energy available.

Becky Moyer-Docherty

we love you Torrey!!! Always a Raven!!! My prayers are with you and your wife. I know God has his hand on your son!!!

Tish Matthews-Jones

He Torrey, this story bought me to tears. I live in Baltimore and in 1996 when I was pregnant with my daughter (who just turned 19 last month) I was tested and was told the very same thing. They told me that the baby was too small and that I was carrying too muck aminiotic fluid. I had never heard of Trisimy 18 at the time but I went to the library and did my research. I could do nothing but cry. I had to go to genetic counseling I was sick for weeks. All I could do is pray and finally I got more intense test done showing that everything was fine.  I delivered her about 8 weeks early because of all the stress, but she was healthy lil thing. I wish you both the best of Luck with everything.. I'm praying for y'all.❤️ 


As a soon to be step-mom to a wonderful special needs son (now 21) and as I sit here listening to him laughing and playing his music on his keyboard in his room, I am reminded if how blessed We all are and how blessed you will be regardless of the outcome!  Special kids need special people and I can just tell that you and your wife are just that!  Blessings and prayers for you all!  

Teresa Purdham

Hi Torrey you are the best dad and husband ever and your wife is now my new hero hang in there your little man will be just fine .  And your big boy tj will be the best big brother much love to you all.You know purple ladies always here for you luv ya and it will be alright.  

Michelle Hayes

Torrey and Chanel, keep your heads up!  My prayers are with you.   I am thankful that the tests are negative.   I went through a similar scare when I was expecting my last son. The blood work showed that he had  a 1 out of 232 chance of having Downs Syndrome.   I am an L&D nurse and it was scary for me.  I prayed about it.   I had Gestational Diabetes and I blamed myself for his enlarged kidneys. I was on an emotional roller coaster for 22 weeks. I did everything that I was supposed to do and I felt that it wasn't enough.   I felt alone, even with having a husband.  I went to all of my appointments alone, after that "diagnosis".  My gave birth to a happy 8 lb 3 oz baby boy.  He does not have Downs and had to have surgery at 2 months because his right kidney continued to be enlarge.  He is absolutely fine and extremely intelligent. He is 7 years old and almost as tall as I am . Lol.   Chanel, you are blessed with friends and family, especially Torrey, who are supportive of you.  Torrey, I am so proud of the man, husband and father that you are.  You are right! God will nit give you anything that you cannot handle. We love you all in Baltimore.  You are in my prayers.   

Allie George

Watch this video.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=th6Njr-qkq0

It puts a lot of things in perspective.  

Catalina Garcia Franklin

"What do you do? Do you go forward knowing the outcome will be a miscarriage or death shortly after birth all while putting your life in danger? Or do you terminate the pregnancy?" 

Exactly the questions I was faced with in 2010.  Unfortunately our outcome was different and we decided to terminate. However, I don't look back with any regrets as I have two beautiful boys that I may not have known.

Prayers to you and your family!

Below is the email we sent out to friends and family:(

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we write this email. After 12 weeks of an uneventful pregnancy we received some devastating news.

Last Thursday we attended what we thought would be a routine NT scan (ultrasound to measure nuchal fluid behind baby’s neck and identify the potential for chromosomal abnormalities) and were so excited to see our baby. After hearing a strong heartbeat and watching our baby kick and move the news to follow was hard to accept. After several attempts to get a good reading the sonographer seemed concerned. I asked how everything looked and he said, “not good”. He abruptly left the room where we sat for what felt like hours and were soon greeted by the Doctor. The Doctor informed us that our baby has a high chance of having severe chromosomal abnormalities. He saw two areas of concern; the brain, and a fluid filled sac behind the neck. The diagnosis was holoprosencephaly and cystic hygroma. Both are signs of Trisomy 13 and lead to severe birth defects and an early death. After feeling like this must be a bad dream the Doctor suggested we terminate the pregnancy and that the odds were against us.

At this point we were overwhelmed with sadness, anger, and guilt. Immediately feeling like we did something wrong. We were reassured that we did nothing wrong nor could we have done anything to prevent this. After an emotional morning followed by further testing (CVS to confirm diagnosis) in the afternoon we sat and waited for the results to come back today (Monday).

The longest four days of our lives have finally gone by and at times we had a few glimmers of hope. Maybe this was all a big mistake. Well the results are back and Trisomy 18 has been confirmed. Although not what they expected, Trisomy 18 has the same end result, severe birth defects and early death. It breaks our hearts to have to say goodbye to our little one.

We thank you for your support during this time and we ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Nanci Ryan

many prayers.

Nanci Ryan

many prayers.

Terri Smythe Greer

God Bless You Torrey to you & your family! Already saying prayers & will continue to. Thank you for all you do not just as key player in the NFL for my team the 49ers but more important for the person you are. You and your family are truly a blessing to all the people who's lives you touch. Take care God Bless much love to you and your family!

Cindy Lee

God bless you & yours.

Nancy Condon Belmont

Prayers up for Kameron, you, Chanel, and TJ from a Faithful family in PA. We fans have got your back.

Kelly Jackson-Lehr

Amen Torrey!  God bless your family.  You are a true inspiration to everyone,  but especially men who may think a bit too much of themselves!  As a Baltimore nstive, I'm proud that you were part of our football heritage!   May God continue to keep you family safe and in his care!

Michele Watt

Prayers all the way up.

Kimberly El

Praying for your family. I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what, the strength of your family and faith will get you through. I cannot wait to hear about the birth of your baby when celebration replaces all of your worries. You really are a good guy. Thank you for sharing this. You've got a lot of fans rooting for you.

I just want to say u and ur wife are the BEST, the strongest 2 people I kno!!..ready for what ever!!..I LOVE IT!!

Shannon Marie

May you all be blessed.  

Nathaniel H. Benjamin

Torrey, I'm surprised I am even writing this, but this story connects to me so much.  My wife and I struggled with infertility but alas my son was born in 2013.  Ironically, my wife conceived several weeks after my son was born. The pregnancy was progressing beautifully until one day my wife received the same phone call telling her that she had a 1 in 33 risk for Trisomy 18.  She called me and asked me where I was and I told her I was en route home and she just started crying and told me.  I was hurt, devastated, confused... why would God allow this to happen after all that we've been through to have kids, especially with these miracle pregnancies??? Like you, I thought Trisomy 18 was the "regular" down syndrome and came to the realization that if this is what my child, then I will love them the same and we will have to figure it out.

It wasn't until I got on Google that my heart sank and I was paralyzed.  I found out what Trisomy 18 truly was and the outcome that most likely the child would die.  My wife thought that Trisomy 18 was regular down syndrome and I didn't even tell her what I found out.  So I was completely by myself in this feeling of my world being completely upside down.  The doctors wanted to schedule, at least, an emergency ultra sound as my wife was close to 20 weeks, in the event that we were choosing to terminate pregnancy.  We headed to the doctors, with our 6 month old in hand, not knowing what our fate would be.  Every part crushed me:  When they type on the sonogram before starting:  Abnormal Ultrasound, the entire time that they did the sonogram, the specialist not saying one word.  The only thing that she said was "Would you like to know the gender?"  We said yes.  And they told us a girl.  We cried.  Then afterward the doctor came in and did an ultrasound and also did not say a word.  At the end, he whispered.  "All I see is a beautiful baby girl".  He asked us did we want an amniocentesis and we said no, with the fear that a miscarriage may be caused from it.  He said he wanted to see us every 2 weeks throughout the pregnancy to ensure no markers come up.  Every Sunday night before the appointment was gruesome as we thought, is this the appointment that they will find something.  It wasn't until my wife's 8th month where we decided to do a new blood test that is 99% accurate and it was confirmed that my babygirl was fine. She's my world.  

Praying for you all through this journey; I know how you feel and either way God is with you.

Victoria Houston

Be encouraged ... Remember to keep the faith... And know those around you are praying. God have the last say. And this little one shall be healthy in Jesus name. We have what we say. !!! Speak live over your Bless little one. Now faith is the substance of things hope for... So our'll conversation and our'll walk are line up with God.. And he got this so trust that it is well in Jesus name!!! And all these BLESSINGS!! Victoria 

Kourtney Nicole

WOW!!  This experience will be another example of the power of prayer.  We all will pray for you and your wife and the babies.  Speaking into existence...THIS BABY WILL BE FINE, WILL BE HEALTHY, AND SO WILL MRS. SMITH!!  Your family and God got this!!  This scare will not defeat you or your faith! 😊😇

Paris Winslow

my boyfriend & I found out we were having a boy, who seemed to be a little underweight also. I was upset because I wanted a girl but that changed once we were brought back to the room, after finding out the gender, to be told that he had cysts in his brain & built up calcium in his heart that prevented it from growing. we were told the chances of Down syndrome & trisomy 18. not only was this wrong with him, but there was also a marginal insertion where the umbilical cord was 2cm away from the edge of the placenta. eventually the calcium in his heart cleared up & so did the cysts. the marginal insertion couldn't change, but there was no problems with that either. we were in the clear of any health defects which i can only say was God's will. once he decided to come out, he emerged with the umbilical cord wrapped around neck 3 times!! & again - NO PROBLEMS! if prayer doesn't work idk what does! your little guy will be fine & is in God's hands. 

Jennifer Hutson Ferrara

Torrey, about 3 years ago today we learned our daughter had trisomy 21 and many alarming red flags on the ultrasound. We knew her heart and stomach were not normal. They told us she would most likely miscarry or die shortly after birth. Then a few months later I was headed to preterm labor, doctors shook their heads that this will not be good for our daughter's survival. Well, Siena did survive! She was a 31 week preemie with a surgery at 4 days to attach her stomach to intestine and a major open heart surgery at 6 months and recently weaned from her G-Tube.  Before she was born we decided to let Siena decide if she wants to be a part of this world. We wouldn't make her suffer. Siena is now almost 3 and lives preschool. Torrey, I can't imagine a child giving us more joy then our special needs daughter.  I don't know what's in store for you, but if I can be of any help, a resources or encouragement, please reach out to me. Sending your family warm thoughts and prayers for peace. 

Bonnie Hayslup

First an foremost you an Chanel are great people .  You are wonderful parents and and what ever happens the two of u will work everything out !!!! I'm so glad you always include your fans an friends with your life  You are a very outgoing an caring loving people!!! I will be praying an keeping all of you in my thoughts an prayers  you and Channel an litte TJ And his baby brother !  What ever comes in your lives you both will take care of this beautiful child that God has blessed you all with ! He knows he has given a special child to a special couple who will love an take care of any situation you all are put in ! My prayers go out to you an the family ! You all are truly loved !!!!

Raven Ruth Aker

my prayers are with you always. God will take care of you. I lost my only son in july of last year  and he was only 40 you will be in my prayers. 

Karen Serge

I am praying for them and know that God is in charge of this situation. Torrey was my favorite player. You both are being prayed for by many people.my love goes out to all of you! May God truly blessed and keep you always in His hands!

Carole Wasserman

You and Chanel are such an inspiration, Torrey. My thoughts and prayers will be with you through the rest of her pregnancy. It is so refreshing to see someone who has a successful career remain so grounded and focused on the important things in your life. Much admiration to both of you and teaching TJ to be a loving, caring boy as well. Keep the Faith, and prayers everything turns out well. 

Patricia Pfister Shovlin

Torrey and Channel, My prayers are with you. Babies are miracles no matter what and I admire your outlook as you face this new challenge. You have such great strength and trust in God and those two things will carry you through. God bless your family.

Bethany Houser

You've got me in tears. My daughter, Evelyn, who turns 8 tomorrow, faced a lot of those hurdles when I was pregnant with her. I still remember when I found out that they suspected she had Trisomy 18 based on her having clubfoot, a big space between her two big toes (big being relative), a little dot on her heart and the fact that she was tiny. The doctors were angry when I refused testing and called me irresponsible. Truth be told, even though the idea of losing her at any time was just so painful, I couldn't bear to take any of the risks of the tests, even though I was so desperate to know if she was ok. I blamed myself in so many ways, as if my body were some sort of enemy that was hurting my child. Based on what the doctors said, I'd pray that she was ok, that it was just Trisomy 21 (Downs Syndrome) because then she would live, she would be happy, I could hold her. In the stillness of sleepless nights, however, baffled by my husband's steadfast faith that all would be well, I asked myself over and over... "Can I care for a baby this sick?" Sometimes, I thought selfishly about how it would affect us, affect my future (I was only 23, this was my 2nd child), affect my elder daughter's life. 

We had a lot of scans after that, with the doctor's expressing disdain at my choice not to test. My husband and I studied about ultrasounds in the hope that we'd see something that would assuage our fears. Who were we kidding, though? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME that we saw her, she just looked perfect, angelic, beautiful. She always perched cross-legged in my womb, like she was meditating. 

The doctors decided to induce labor when I was 38 weeks pregnant... and scared. They had made a lot of mistakes and miscalculations with me, and I just wanted to have her in my arms and care for her myself. I was tired of the fear.

After 5 hours (where we watched old Steelers DVDs.... sorry.... but yes I wanted to watch football during labor) of a-okay labor, my baby girl was born. Yes, her feet were curled in a touch, just a touch. But they put her on my chest when she was born and, as if she wanted to put to rest all of the information I'd read about Trisomy 18 and 21 and how there are kidney problems associated, the first thing she did was pee all over my arm. It was the best thing ever. 

Evelyn's clubfoot was treated with casts and boots, no surgery. She learned to crawl and walk in boots - her core strength to this day is amazing. She is this ball of gorgeous sunshine with the BIGGEST heart of any kid I know. She prances and dances, is the smartest kid in her class, and loves my spaghetti and banana bread. She's someone who sometimes, just because, will say, "I'm Happy." And if that is some sort of genetic anomaly... I'll take it, that's for dang sure! God bless you and keep you at this time, my heart and prayers are with you and your baby. <3 Stay strong.

David Lake

Heartfelt prayers for the family and of course the baby. 

Jaime Roberto Sinclair


You're a real guy. You do the things that you do on the field, but off of it, you're genuine. I appreciate and respect that about you.

I know all about those tests. It took 8 years and 3 miscarriages before the love of my life entered this world at 5:15 AM on January 27, 2014 (that's right, I'm a proud papa too).

I'm not surprised that you recognize and admire your wife's strength. You seem like the kind of guy who knows what's important in life.

You, your wife, your son, and your little one to be, are fortunate to have one another.

Best of luck going forward,


First of all, love the name Kameron.  My 10-year-old is Kameron also!  I am so glad to hear all is OK.  It doesn't always turn out that way, but you find ways to deal with what is put in front of you.  And it sounds like you did a lot of soul searching while you had to endure that awful wait.  Both of my boys had markers for Trisomy 18 during pregnancy and both are just fine.  I believe in a woman's choice, but when it was me, I knew I would carry to term regardless.  That choice surprised me, but like you say, you don't know what you'll do until you are in that situation.  I lost two girls, one had Trisomy 2 and the other had a #10 chromosome deletion.  Not a day goes by when I don't think of them.   But I am also grateful for two healthy boys, and happy to hear you'll be having the same soon!  Wishing you all the very best!

Teresa L Durst

many prayers for you and your family!! My 2 year old grandson was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with non verbal spectrum 2 autism. I cried for a few days because of how I know the world around him will treat him I was scared and hurt so bad but as I watched him and saw that beautiful smile I couldn't imagine him any other way or love him any less.  Lots of prayers and love.

Hazel Kac Haze

Prayers going up for u n ur family. I have a daughter with a heart condition who will be 5 on Wednesday she has been through 3 open heart surgeries n is healthy as can be. Being a parent of a child with special needs is a blessing n it does not mean the baby is unhealthy they are just uniquely designed. I will keep you in my prayers. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

Jackie Boudreaux

Mr. Torrey Smith thank you for sharing your story. I was too faced with this uncertainty and was told my son could have several different disabilities when I was just weeks pregnant.  I was also given the option to abort and I had draw back on my faith and say that God don't make mistakes. Whatever if anything is wrong we will be alright. My son was born but 7 weeks early and was 1 lb 14 oz. He was given 50/50 chance to live. Fast forward to today, my son will soon be 24 years old and he is deaf. He has graduated from high school and he is about to get his first job. He wasn't able to play football because he was too small but he feels he is an expert on it. He Ives for football season whether it's college or pro. He makes everyone around him happy because he is a happy young man and thst was Gods purpose for him and I didn't take that away. God bless, keep the faith and you are in our prayers here in Fredericksburg, Va.

Linda Anderson Macken

prayer is powerful, your family and the new baby are in my prayers. Stay strong God is good 

Cynthia Frawley

Sending so much love and prayer your way - and how blessed your wife and children are to have a father that clearly loves them so deeply. What a bonus? He's not afraid to admit fear. I faced a similar situation when pregnant with my son, who's now 11 and every bit the dream I'd hoped he'd be. They offered an amnio at the time "to be sure," and I replied, "I'll take what God gives me as my blessing - I'm not willing to risk him for a maybe." They told me about test abnormalities, too. "Abnormalities" that, as it turns out, also appear in perfectly healthy babies. I trusted my heart, I trusted God - and I have had 11, nearly 12 marvelous years with a little human that is the air I breathe. I am confident that your blessings are coming, too. 

Meda Day

Torrey...first and foremost I hated that you were traded from our Ravens..you were such an important part of the team and of Baltimore. That being said, I signed up to like your FB page and enjoy your posts. I did not know you and your wife were expecting but I am happy for you both. This beautiful blog post was one of the most heartfelt, honest, and soul bearing posts I've seen from a football celebrity. You are still so young but it sounds like you have a mature mind and have made a wonderful life for you and your family. You obviously love and support each other and, most importantly, rely on God to navigate you through the good times and the bad. I had some issues many years ago with my second pregnancy but never had to make a choice, nature made the decision for me. I can only imagine what you and your beautiful wife jave been going through these past few days. But, you will both be fine! The reason I know this is that reading these words from your heart show that you and your wife are ready for Amy challenges or blessings that come your way. You are wise beyond your years and I applaud you for being such a supportive husband and father. You are a valued member of the community and you are in the hearts of all your fans, mine included. You three, including baby, will be in my prayers and I hope that God continues to give you the strength and calm that you need on this difficult road you travel. God bless you and your family!!

Summer Wilson

I am so proud of you both. Our youngest daughter (of 6 kids) is 6 months old. At 10 weeks pregnant we were told she had tested positive for one of the screening tests, Turner Syndrome. 99% of Turners babies are miscarried or, when parents are told what the outcome would be (likely death before birth), they choose to terminate. Hearing that news was horrific. I remember feeling just as you and Chanel did, incredible, excruciating grief and for the first time in my life, wondering if we should terminate to save ourselves the pain. Aborting has never been an option for us, as we believe God ordains life and takes it away at His will, but we were so afraid of the hurt that would come. But just as we wrestled with this thought, we both felt the Lord say, "If the enemy wants you to do something that God has commanded you against (murder), you know full well that God is going to do something amazing through it, bringing glory to His name and leading others to Him." That was it. We were going to go through the excruciating pregnancy as long as He would allow, thanking Him for each day we had with our girl.

AND SHE LIVED. And is THRIVING. She's on track for normal development, is incredibly bright and is the sweetest thing on earth. Yes, she has Turner Syndrome. She'll face challenges, but this girl has impacted the lives of multiple thousands just by being given the opportunity to LIVE. I wish I could share a picture of her with you both. :)

Congratulations on your precious boy and keep up the incredible job you and Chanel are doing as husband and wife. Your love and dedication for each other is admirable!

Phoebe's Story

Beth Armstrong Powell

Well said.  Hugs and prayers to your family.

Chandra Patrice

Thank you for your transparency and sharing something so private, publicly. We will pray God's will, pray for strength and peace and pray for the greatest testimony out this difficult test.

Barbara Venturella

Torrey I will keep all of you in my prayers.  I can't wait to see pictures of that precious baby boy in your arms. Keep the faith!  God will see you through this

Sabrina Lake

I and Scott Burley and our while family are praying for you all.  Peace and blessings. 

Jaron Rice

I'm praying for you guys! My wife had our third child in 3 years about a month ago.  As Christians we are to walk by faith, and I had to forbid her from consulting Dr. Google because that made everything 10x worse.  Everything is going to be alright.  GO RAVENS!

Linda Craft

you and your family are in our prayers. I lost a little boy his name is Thomas march 2nd will be his 10th birthday he passed away at birth and even tho it has been 10 years i still hurt and cry like it was just yesterday that everything happend. I will be praying for life for your little boy and i will be praying for you and your wife and little Torrey. 

Veronica Barnhill

Dear heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ I lift up mom and daddy and ask you to heal this precious one. The word of God is awesome 🙆 and I am 😊 sending the word Psalms 107 20 he sent his word and healed them and delivered them from all of their destruction.

Lynn Love

Torrey, I have a 12 year old with down syndrome, who loves to watch football, loves the Ravens, but cheers for whomever has the ball, I know exactly how you and your wife are feeling, I went through everything there was for them to finally tell me he had trisomy 21, I always reach out to those who may go through that experience so if you or your wife need to talk, don't hesitate to contact me. Best wishes to you, your family and your new bundle of joy!! I always believe that God does not give us more than we can handle!!! God bless you!!

Brenda Benton

My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.  This time last year was the most stressful time in my life.  My daughter was pregnant with my 1st grandchild.  Five months into her pregnancy they noticed an issue on one of the sonograms and we were told my daughter would need a specialist to review.  As with your baby she was told the same exact information.  There is no fear greater than waiting and googling.  We've been there and done it.  My daughter is an RN so she had more knowledge than I did in what the doctors were discussing.  To even make her fears greater was her best friend had just lost her baby after 7 months.  We went twice a week for sonograms and ultrasounds.  Week after week the measurement showed her head was little too small and next week would be her stomach.  Week after week another added stress.  One you except but deep down you pray will be OK.  Yesterday, we celebrated my granddaughter's 1st birthday.  She is perfect. She has hit every milestone way before she is suppose to.  She wears 12 month clothes as they state on the tags.  No issues other than being a little smaller than some her age.  We laugh at the fact they still say she's in the 5 percentile for size.   Please from someone who has been there.  Prayer and the love of your family will be the best support for your wife.  You and Chanel are truly amazing people.  I wish you both the best.

Trish Wiles Miller

Prayers for this new little bundle still growing and strength for you and Chanel!  Beautiful words Torrey.  It's amazing how our own situations really make us question what we think our beliefs are.  Blessings to you all!


Torrey, you and your wife are true examples of warriors! I admire you both and will continue to pray for your family! 

Anne Lawson Denner

We have a awesome God and he has something amazing planned for this little guy! Prayers for you and your family!

Julie Lippke Jones

This is so cliche but something I believe with my whole being..God gives you only what you can handle. If God chose you and Channel to have "one of His Angels" you would been given such a gift. You both are so strong, so appreciative, so loving, so generous ...God has something magical planned for you all...Maybe this isn't it but whatever it is I know you both can handle ...ten fold!! xoxox

Melody Brown

Prayers are a mighty link with God. I shall be praying for your family especially your unborn son. HE will not give you more than you can handle. Be positive. You have many who care for you and your family❤️❤️❤️

Christa Justice

I know that anxiety and worry all too well!!! One of my son's, when I was pregnant with him, they said the same thing...It was such a stressful and sad week...Well that same baby boy is now 7 and healthy 😉 Congrats to you and your wife on your new baby boy...Will keep you all  in my prayers ❤️

Lisa Lambert

i can relate to your situation.  At 16 weeks I was told my baby has trisomy 18 also.  Again as like you with many tears and prayers we had to make a decision what to do; do we terminate or do we keep and deal with what God has given us.  Two weeks later I came back as a false positive but the fears never went away. We chose to have our baby and he's a healthy boy. He's now 15 years old been playing football for 6 years absolutely loves it, plyes lacrosse, does wrestling and now it started rugby.  He's an exceptional athlete.  He's a straight A student in all honors classes and is one merit badge and his project away from being an Eagle Scout. He is our miracle baby. I'll never forget that moment when he was born and the doctor said that he was healthy had all 10 fingers and 10 toes now we just had to wait for his development and everything's been perfect since. As I know you do trust God he will only give you what you can handle.  I will include you, your wife and TJ in my prayers.  With the situation we were in us appreciate life so much more.  Josh is definitely our miracle baby.   Your baby will be also.

Donna Meyers

I will continue to send prayers up for you and your beautiful family.  Baby Kameron will just fine.  God bless you and Chanel and stay positive and strong.  We are all here for you.  BIG HUGS to you and Chanel.  :)

My prayers go out to you and your beautiful wife.  I pray that your family is able to be strong no matter what the outcome is with the unborn baby.  I pray that you both have renewed strength and faith that God will work it out how he sees fit

Tiffany Tennille Arthur

This has me in tears!! Glory to God!! I'm so happy the baby and Chanel is ok.

Maggie Cavey-Smith

This story brings so much joy to my heart and tears to my eyes all at the same time..The power of prayer is amazing!! God is so good. 27 years ago they told me that my son had Down syndrome. I had so many tests done blood work, amniocentesis. I prayed faithfully during my whole pregnancy and my son was perfectly healthy when he was born and now currently serves in the USAF. God is in control he has the final say! Thanks for sharing and may God continue to bless you and your family!

Sheri Kearson

I remember when I was told something similar about my 2nd son (Cameron...what a coinky dink).  I was told that his heart valves weren't opening and closing properly and that he may have some genetic deformities.  My husband at the time and I had to determine what we were going to do.  Did we want to risk having our baby that we'd never met but loved unconditionally suffer through various ailments, or did we want to deal with the hand we were dealt.  We chose the latter.  I'm so thankful that we did.  Cameron is now an awesome thriving child with zero ailments.  This will be a testament and a testimony to your faith, your wife's tenacity, and to little Kameron's greatness as he grows.  I know God has the final say so I say sit back and let Him continue blessing as He always has.  Stay encouraged!  

Lisa Frances Orona Forns

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts, and holding you all in the light! <3

Cindy Marx Folkenroth

Praying for Kameron's health and you, Chanel and TJ. God works in mysterious ways. Stay positive. Thanks for sharing. 

Shirl Miller Crites

You and your family are strong,Torrey,and will handle whatever happens,ive no doubt. You are an amazing man,father and role model. Prayers continue for y'all. ♥

Pamela Schwartz

You and Chanel are amazing, Torrey.  It warms my heart to read your words, not only because of the situation you are both handling but also because they are so well-written.  You know that so many people are praying for the good health of your baby boy and the strength for you and Chanel to get through this difficult time.  I'm glad you felt inclined to share your concerns because you give hope and show courage to others who may be facing a similar situation.  We hope things continue on a smooth path throughout the pregnancy until your new son arrives.  We can tell from your posts how much your family means to you and that is really nice.  You are a great role model where so many others have failed.  God bless you.

Debbie Taylor

Sending prayer's for you and your family and the little That everything will work out for you and your family 

Ikeyia Palmer

We all know that God has the FINAL say, I am praying for life, health, and strength for the whole Smith Family!! May you all continue to be encouraged!! 


Wow. Thanks for sharing @TorreySmithWR. My husband and our children will be praying for you, @LibraLadii_, TJ, and Kameron!

Fannie Martin-Diggs

Your story is similar to mine. Me and my husband were excited we were having twins and were awaiting the ultrasound to find out the sex of our babie . The day of the ultrasound we find out that we were having one of each but Baby B had a lot of issues medically and offered me the option of termination. I was like you and thought long and hard, cried and prayed. God told me that He would give the strength to handle any that came our way. Needless to say, I had her and she has special needs but she has been a great blessing to me and my family and I'm sure that no matter what special needs your baby may or may not have God will give you guys the strength to handle it as well. Praying for your family!

Mitchell Carr
In the end, god is looking out for you and your family. Don't have any fear because he is sure to take care of you and the ones you love for. Great news to hear about the negative test results.
Eva Butler
Wow, what a difficult experience. My best advise is to hang in there and don't make any rash decisions until you have more information. This could be the biggest blessing of your life! Congrats for supporting your wife so much through this time.
I am so glad for you. It is heartbreaking when parents have to deal with seriously ill children. The waiting process must have been completely agonizing. God bless you and your family.
Congratulations on the new addition to your family. That is great news that your child does not have Trisomy 18. Good luck to you and your wife and hope you have a long and happy life with your family.
Very exciting news to hear that this wasn't something more serious. It can be difficult going through all the tests and things that come along with a pregnancy. Hang in there!
It is tough dealing with the anxiety around having a baby and all of the complications that can and will happen. Best thing to do is to just stay calm and try to work through them the best that you can. In the end god will make sure everything turns out ok.
Travis Gonzalez
I think it is nice to see this couple work together and stick it out to see how God would guide them thru this situation. The process of going thru a trial so often makes us stronger and wiser on the other side. They remained faithful to each other, their baby and God.
Marshall Gray
Congratulations on the baby! Me and my wife just had out second one, and let me tell you, it's a struggle. Once is hard enough, having to split your time between two children is a challenge. Good luck!
Despite the importance we put on sports, players are reminded of how insignificant athletics truly are when they start having children. The event of having children born grounds these athletes. No matter how selfish and ego-driven they might have been prior, when their kids come along, these players undergo a transformation. With these tykes in the world, the athletes have new motivation to go out and be an example for their children.
You are correct. Put it in God's hands. He is sovereign over all and knows what he is doing. I have a nephew who was considered very much at risk and had so many problems that all the doctors thought he would never be normal nor full developed and now he is over six feet tall and as normal as any adult at 37 years of age. That is why no unborn child should ever be killed by abortion. It is in God's hands, no one else's. Praying for you.
Prayers for Kameron! Everything will work out fine. Either way you and your wife are blessed with a gift from god in Kameron. Hopefully you guys stay strong and everything will work out!
Amy Richards
Good news in the end! I agree about clicking around on Google about medical issues. It ends up scaring you to death. Best to head to the doctor and let them do the heavy lifting. Glad to hear everything with the baby is likely to work out!
Jake Andrews
I am so excited to hear about your family expecting a new boy! I hope you all have a great time as you prepare for this little one to come into the world soon.
Bobbie Rubright

Thank You for sharing this difficult time. I promise not to feel sorry for you . I agree every child is a gift. God has his plan even if it's just to give couples that say Why Me someone to help them be stronge. Your family's courage and faith are much admired. Prays will continue for strength to see you through this time.

Gwen Alexander Wood

what a heartfelt post - opening your life once again for all to see. God never gives us anything we aren't equipped by Him to handle, so I believe through your strong faith you will be triumphant. Either way you have a beautiful blessed family and are such a wonderful example for others. We never know where He will send us but it is up to us as to how we handle it. God bless you and your family.

Kimberly Winston

Torrey, this was beautiful, had me in tears.  My prayers for you and Chanel.  You are absolutely right God never puts more on you than you can bear and I believe that you and Chanel can handle anything put before you.  You didn't have to share with the world what you guys are going through but you did and for that I commend you.  Prayers Going Up for Kameron!!!!!

Jim Walker

Torrey and Mrs. Smith & Family:

Awesome blog Torrey getting rigjt to the heart of the matter and so very well written. Prayers to you from Audrey Rise and our family.

I celebrate your courage in supporting your wife's decesions, researching such a devastating subject , and putting yourself out here! Your exemplary writing will encourage and motivate others, guide them when this happens to them and they too hit the foh of fear for their child.

Her is a little video of our 7 yr old warrioress daughter that we also found out through ultrsoins she would b born dead or dieing. God's miracle had other ideas. This lottle video is short, but I hope U can draw strength from what a blind ( no eyeballs) little girl also with severe heart dusease is capable of when thrown on a stage in front of over 400 with no prep.

Miracles and blessing can happen.

Bless you all

Jim Walker and Audrey Rise



Need someone w experience to bounce things off?


Prayers for tou and tour growing family

Camie Robison

Prayers to you and your beautiful family! Working in healthcare we see everything, but no matter how much you see or experience nothing hits us harder then the unknown with a pregnancy. Its so difficult to be positive. God bless you and your post! I will be sharing this with my coworkers! You have shown there is a way! 

Mary Anne Platt Berlau

oh my you have me in tears here. Knowing our God is an Awesome God and knowing the awesome person and teacher Chanel is. I will just offers my 26th thoughts and prayers to your family. God Bless.

Betsy Dean

you have me in tears. We will be praying for you all & the health of that sweet baby. No matter what you both are amazing parents & God chose you to be there for this child. We will pray that it is born perfectly healthy & this experience will just help you be even more understanding of what others face with these challenges but IF that is not the case I know you both will give that child 110% & be the amazing parents you are! Hugs/ prayers & many thoughts for the peace that passes all understanding to help you through these times. Thank you for sharing so we can pray.

Tamara TD Donnell

Sending prayers to you and your wife...

Mollie Chin

This is such an honest post and from a woman and family who had a problematic first pregnancy which included preeclampsia and IUGR I can definitely say we can relate to you and understand your fears. Our son was born 31 weeks at 1lb 14oz and the laundry list of things that could go wrong with him while he was in the NICU was long and exhausting. Amidst all of it though we had faith that God would provide and care for our son regardless of the outcome whether it was death, life, or a complicated life. We will continue to pray for you and hope that God provides peace and comfort and a safe delivery. 

Sending prayers your way. This baby is already so lucky to have such amazing parents. 

Jeanette Hardy

Soooo, I admit this made my eyes water! I actually felt I was there dealing with this with y'all, as weird as that may sound. A few years ago, my sister lost a son to Trisomy 18. She was given the decision to abort or go forward with the pregnancy and she chose to let God's will be done. Lil Christian lived for only 15 min, but atleast she had given him a chance. I'm glad God is working it out for y'all, and I have no doubts everything will be just fine! I'm going to keep y'all in my prayers but I already know God has it in control!

Lisa Henry Hubbard

God bless you all for what you have just been through and may He give you strength and Grace to get you through the worrying for now.  I has a friend who was told that she was definitely having a child with Downs Syndrome and her son was born healthy without it. That being said, my son was diagnosed with half of a heart (same as Greg Olsen's) at 20 weeks and amniocentesis showed no genetic defects but he has multiple medical diagnosis (he is thriving and loving life in spite of everything) He is a blessing. You have a beautiful and faithful family and your family continues to be a role model for young families everywhere.  Thank you and Chanel for sharing your life.  We miss you with the Ravens but love you all so much that we just want to see you do well anywhere.  Keeping you in our prayers. And you're right, TJ will be an awesome big brother no matter what!

Dee Lewkiewicz-Townsley

Prayers for strength and clarity. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is live n let God sort it all out. I have no worries that u two will handle it the best u can.  U r an amazing couple supporting each other. 

Mark Viviano

Truly impactful that an athlete in such high profile & regard shares his genuine human side of worry, hope  & prayer.  It's meaning even stronger coming from a source who some often forget is a regular person, husband & father.  It is the true power of sharing this that can lift many to a greater understanding of our place in the world & our need for each other. Prayers up. Always. 

Peggy Garriss

Prayers for you, your family and your baby boy. He is already blessed to have a Mom and Dad like you two.

Tenaya Vann

To God be The Glory!!!!! Prayers are flowing for health and healing over Baby Kam's life. I speak noting but Greatness over this precious little boys life. Everything will be perfectly fine Torrey & Chanel praise God even through the storms. By Faith I claim Victory over Baby Kam in Jesus name Amen

Anita Branch

Remember God can do anything but fail.No matter what the outcome is,you guys have enough love and support to make it thru anything.But I'm praying that you guys have a healthy baby boy.

Cassandra Vincent

We agree with God! May this be a daily confession as you and Chanel and Teej walk through this! Thank you for sharing. Be encouraged, all things are working together beautifully for your good. #WEAGREEWITHGOD 

Brianna Nicole Lindsey

prayer does wonders! My husband and I had a baby recently! She was born at 24 weeks gestation. No one puts in their plans the negative things that could happen. We never imagined being told our baby had a 50% chance to live and if she lived that she could be blind, disabled, never be able to walk. But we said the same thing you said we believe parents who are gifted special children are even more special and strong! So when she was born 24 weeks exactly we didn't know what to expect, but we prayed ALOT! 4 months later our little miracle defeated all odd and is home with us with only very minor issues that won't affect her down the road. I truely believe the ONLY reason we had a great outcome was look to the Lord and praying! My family will pray soo hard for you guys! 


Prayers up! Keep your head up! Health is A scary situation. sharing ,opening as a man is just as hard. Thank you for sharing with us keep your family in our prayers.

Shaneka Griffin

I am truly praying for you & family right now. I pray that abundant blessings come towards your way & provide a covering over your household. Baby Kameron, you are precious little King in the making just like your big brother TJ. Baby Kameron, you are here to bless everyone & bring them closer together. There is a true covering over you Little King Kameron & you family......keep on fighting the good fight!

Mia Steele

These are powerful statements and proof of your love, love conquers all! Thank you for sharing your family's journey. You are all in my prayers and kisses to that adorable TJ!


Thanks for sharing Torrey, Faith is so important at this time.  Will be sending prayers your way


thanks for sharing your journey so that we can join you in prayer! God is so good, all the time. We are definitely praying for your son, you & your wife, and TJ in the days and weeks to come. Keep your faith focused on your creator. He's got it all under control. 

Jeremiah 29:11MSG 

Susan Pietras Smith

Lots of love for you all. 

Kimberly Vallejo

Torrey, you continue to amaze me!  Thank you for taking this time, and letting the world in on your private life, for the sake of bringing to light this topic.  I am so thankful you use this platform to spread awareness of issues such as this.  I know God has chosen you both for this child for a reason and I pray for your family. 

Liz Holden

Torrey our prayers are with you and your family .    A raven fan

Roc Peebles

Hey bruh, keep the faith, stay strong and handle everything that comes your way as a unit. - Namaste



Mr. Smith this is way beyond football for I shed a tear reading this personal account of marriage and life. I could only image the anxiety that you both have been through. I felt with scary births of my sons and daughters as well but the take away of your open letter is God has total control over it all. I pray for your wife and your strength and that our saviour Jesus Christ send his angels of peace and comfort to you both. It's all but a journey and one that you will be able to tell to help others dealing with similar difficulties. God bless you both

Toni Tilley

What an absolutely beautiful testimony of a parent. This child is already a winner with you two. Bless you.

Sade Fendi Leggett

God is with you ... I admire how you handle the situation more blessings for you your wife and little man is to come . Claim it & Believe it ✊🏾

Pat Mason Kreitzburg

Whatever the outcome, I know you, Chanel, and TJ will welcome Kameron and cherish him. You both are outstanding parents who care so much about your family and people. Prayer Angels are surrounding your family.  

Nicol Rengstorff Hudson

I put this on your Facebook page as well. 

Torrey as you can see from my cover photo, I am a mom of a young man with Down syndrome. I want to thank you for sharing your letter. Your response when you thought he may have Down syndrome "I just assumed she was talking about Down Syndrome and my response was, “Ok, cool." brought me to tears. Thank you. Whatever journey this little one takes you on I know that you and your family will do so with such grace, love and support. And again as a parent of a young man with an intellectual disability I really commend you for your response We love and miss you hear in Baltimore...and our prayers are up for you and your family.