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This will be my first time attending the event. I'm looking forward to it!! 


Thanks for all you do in BMore. You are right, they still love you there...Rfamily.


We cannot wait!!!!!! Such good vibes, great people, and fantastic event.  Looking forward to it!

You are one of a kind! Thanks for all that you do for our community! 

Aaron Tan

Great stuff that you're doing out there, Torrey! 

Carl Price
I hope you bring your hopes for charity to my town, I'd love to be able to meet you guys and support the cause. It would be hard to pay for but it would feel like I was benefiting other people if I knew my money was going towards a good cause and I could justify the cost of going to meet you.
Don't let the negative people discourage you, what you're doing is more than the haters are doing so don't let them make you feel bad about it. Keep doing you, your fans will always have your back.
Hunter Hawkins
Witnessing the charity events being conducted and performed by players describes their commitment towards the society and this is one of the best humanitarian works which all should follow.
Misty Mendoza
One thing we could all do more of is help out our fellow human beings, even if we don't know them. Its cool to see fans get the chance to meet their favorite players and support something good.
Edwin Burns
Good job for you. It sounds like a great event that will do some good and be fun. If I wasn't 6 states away I would likely attend. Keep up the good work.

Good stuff Torrey, thanks for keeping us posted!