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Jai McDermott

Great post look at my account plz


Great post Torrey. Like you said keep pressing there is obviously more that has to be done, and I believe will be done. I agree with the picture with the guy holding the sign. " We must stop killing each other!" That helps nothing just makes things worse. 

Sam Lawless

#BlackLivesMatter is relevant still! Even if it's black on black murders!

Aaron Tan

Great post, Torrey! You're a truly good person, and I'm glad that you're on the Niners.

Rick Gonzales
Great post and content. We all need to come together and do are part to make the world a better place. If you can't do anything good for someone, then do no harm. If we stick to that, we'll be out of the shit in no time.
Rebecca Soto
While news channels and print media gets busy grabbing eyeballs with attention garnering news, be it politics or the much debated net neutrality, very few in fact give a thought to senseless violence, murder and mayhem around us. It is heartening to know that people are making efforts to do something 'positive', creating awareness and guiding the youth. Action is needed more than words, if you wish for true, real change.
Morris Kelley
I do think it would help if we saw more positive stories about our country, cities, and communities instead of all the anger and discontent we see on TV and find on the Internet and social media. I also believe strongly in personal responsibility. Change has to start with ourselves and then can hopefully flow elsewhere.
I commend you for becoming involved by making others aware of the problems in cities such as Baltimore. The most significant factor that nobody seems to want to address is the policies of those city governments that have kept the people oppressed and made it difficult for them to advance. Until we change the way our city governments in these areas have been operating for decades, the problems will never get significantly better.
It is great that these groups are so close to your heart, and that you are such a big supporter. It is sad to see kids that have the abilities to really make something of themselves, do something with their lives, and for society, become too discouraged to even try. Sometimes all they need is an adult by their side telling them that they are smart enough and good enough to do more, they just need to give it their all. Too many kids don't have that kind of support which is where these programs come in! Keep it going!
Jake Andrews
You know what? I have been telling every one basically the same things you have said in this post. I think it is time to make a change, and once that happens we are going to see a huge difference in the world, for the better!
Those kids that do make it out, usually end up making a impact far greater then a regular childhood can bring. Where there is garbage there is room for growth.
Samantha Sullivan
What an incredible post from your side. This is for the first time I have seen such a post. Your post some times makes me so emotional that I cry most of the times after reading it.
Eli Snyder
I think it is time to make a change in the world. My only problem is that yes there have been a lot of recent violent acts but these acts going to be committed regardless of what new laws people put in place. People are going to do bad things and they always will continue to do bad things. I also think people really not only need to pay more attention to the media but where the sources of the media are coming from because that tells a much bigger sign of whats going on.
I hope the people of Baltimore can help the youth. Every person deserves an equal chance to be successful and do what they want in life. It seems like it is not happening there. It seems like a lot of the city is just unhappy and that is not how people should live there life.
It's amazing how many gifted young people are killed needlessly, and this tragedy exists in the world of athletics as well. Before they can even reach their potential, these young people are the victims of our problems as a society. We can only imagine what their abilities would have looked like, and what wonders they would have created with their talents. I agree with the author that something needs to change, and I believe it is our ideology that needs the changing.