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Jeff Nixon

There were a lot of younger guys on the list.  There were 19 that were 50 years of age or less when they died. The average age of death was 68 years.  

Jim Jensen

A lot of youngsters...


Bill Glassford, 102 (9.19.16), played in 1937, when every game was a daylighter, no one would dare wear gloves in temps above 25 and the pigskin was really pigskin. I'll think of Bill as I sign-off tonite and also one of my wife's uncles who, I learned recently while watching an old family film, died when he was only 30 (1950s), leaving behind a wife and children. Don't know what it means (102 - 30), I do know the less sugar and more antioxidents we eat, the longer we'll live. Good of you to remember these men.